Selling A Car

Every week RoadOne sells hundreds of vehicles at our auction yards in Otay and Escondido. These vehicles are from law enforcement impounds and seizures, donations for charities, dealerships and private parties. For a nominal fee, we will wash your vehicle, photograph it and post it on our website, offer it at the auction location of your choice and even process all the paperwork for you.

What is this all about? How does it work?

We can sell your car for you at our weekly auction. Bring us your car and your paperwork, and we will offer your vehicle to well over a hundred potential buyers each week.

Where are these auctions located?

Each Thursday we have an auction at:
7247 Otay Mesa Road
San Diego, CA 92173

Click here for map & directions.

Each Friday we have an auction at:
2444 Barham Drive
Escondido, CA 92029
Click here for map & directions.

What are the benefits (to a consumer/dealership/etc.…)?

Every week at each location we have dealers, dismantlers and wholesale buyers in attendance. This means instead of YOU waiting around for phone calls and appointments that never show up, you will be able to take advantage of our huge crowds, all assembled to view and buy from our sales of hundreds of units each week. We handle the advertising, including posting photos online. Instead of you having to negotiate with potential buyers trying to get a bargain from you, they will be bidding against each other. We accept the payments and process the paperwork. You no longer have to worry about bad checks, counterfeit bills or people trying to scam you. We will have your check ready the week following the sale of your vehicle.

What do I (the consumer/dealer) have to do?

Contact us at 619-661-1022 for our Otay auction, or 760-740-6641 for our Escondido sale. We can answer many questions and help guide you through the process. If we have the vehicle and paperwork by Tuesday noon for Otay, and Wednesday noon for Escondido, we will put the unit in that weeks sale.

What forms are required?

You are required to fill out Consignment Agreement for each vehicle prior to offering the vehicle for sale. You are also required to provide a bill of sale (DMV Reg.262 form), as well as the title (or other form of proof of ownership). We will help you determine if your paperwork will be sufficient.

Can I set a minimum price I will accept?

Yes. It’s actually something that comes up in conversation during the process. It’s important that you let us know what you think is appropriate. 

What are the costs involved?

The cost to offer your vehicle for sale is $35.00 for one week or $75 to run it for three weeks. This fee includes all advertising, photos, internet listing and paperwork.

How long does it take?

You can pick up your check one week after the sale once it is paid for.

How secure is my car while you have it?

We have chain link fencing surrounding the entire perimeter, topped by three-strand barbwire. The entire fence line is alarmed, and did I mention that the fence is electrified. It has 7000 volts coursing through it. In addition, we have video surveillance and armed security. We haven’t had a car stolen yet.

Week of December 1 - December 4

All auctions are now online only. We will start a new auction after completion of current auction. Please check back frequently for updates.


Preview begins at 9am. The auction begins at 10:00am.