Buying A Car

How does the auction work?

RoadOne San Diego sells both running and non-running vehicles at each auction.
RoadOne San Diego’s auctions (Dealer only and Public )are held each Thursday. Vehicles are available for your inspection between 8 and 9:00 am the morning of the sale. RoadOne San Diego sells each item to the highest bidder in an open auction format…you hear what the high bid is at the moment, and you bid using a raised hand or some other visible or audible method to notify the auctioneer you wish to raise the bid. If you end with the highest bid, congratulations…you now are the successful bidder. We do require a $100 deposit before we allow you to bid. This ensures that someone won’t bid on everything they like, then pick which one to pay for and leave the rest.

Where are these auctions located?

They are located at Station #7:
7247 Otay Mesa Road
San Diego, CA 92173

Click here for map & directions.
(It’s link to MapQuest’s website)

What are the benefits?

For many of the dealers that come here, it is kind of like One Stop Shopping. We offer as many as 350 vehicles per week. The general public can see as many as 200 cars on a Thursday, and it would be hard to find a more affordable place to see such a selection of automobiles. Plus, each running vehicle is driven right in front of you, so you can tell if any particular vehicle may be right for you.

What are the laws?

For the dealer portion of the auction, you must be a licensed dealer, and registered with us as a dealer to bid on the dealer vehicles. Lien sale vehicles are available to the public.

How does this differ from buying off of Craigslist or a dealership?

Just as it can be a waiting nightmare when trying to sell through a print ad or a haggling humiliation with a dealer, it can be quite a burden trying to purchase through these same places. Nothing is more aggravating to me than calling all over the county to find the vehicle I am looking for, only to find out when I get through that it is already sold. Or worse, if I go to look at it, instead of it being as described by the owner, it looks like it would be lucky to get me home. Instead, you pick out what you like from our hundreds of cars each week, and pay literally hundreds of dollars less then what you would pay elsewhere.

What do I need to do to buy at the auction?

You need to fill out a registration form and bring a valid ID and $100 for a refundable deposit. You may need additional deposits if you purchase a vehicle for more than $1200.

Week of February 20 - February 23

All auctions are now online only. We will start a new auction after completion of current auction. Please check back frequently for updates.


Preview begins at 9am. The auction begins at 10:00am.