Buying A Car

How does the auction work?

RoadOne San Diego sells both running and non-running vehicles at each auction.

RoadOne San Diego’s Online auctions are held each Tuesday and Friday, except for holidays. Vehicles are available for viewing online once you register at . RoadOne San Diego sells each item to the highest bidder in an open auction format…you see what the high bid is at the moment, and you bid clicking on your phone, tablet or computer. If you end with the highest bid, congratulations…you now are the successful bidder. 

Where are these auctions located?

Click here for map & directions.

What are the benefits?

For many of the buyers, it is kind of like One Stop Shopping. We offer as many as 200 vehicles per week. It would be hard to find a more affordable place to see such a selection of automobiles. Because these are mostly law enforcement impounds, we have no knowledge of the history or condition of each vehicle. Once cleared for sale, we can only make a key if able, try to start, and if it does, let you know if there are any obviuose issues. We are not allowed to test drive them, only start.

How does this differ from buying off of Craigslist or a dealership?

Just as it can be a waiting nightmare when trying to sell through a print ad or a haggling humiliation with a dealer, it can be quite a burden trying to purchase through these same places. Nothing is more aggravating to me than calling all over the county to find the vehicle I am looking for, only to find out when I get through that it is already sold. Or worse, if I go to look at it, instead of it being as described by the owner, it looks like it would be lucky to get me home. Instead, you pick out what you like from our hundreds of cars each week, and pay literally hundreds of dollars less than what you would pay elsewhere.

What do I need to register?

Be a resident of San Diego County in good standing with our auction department and want to find a great deal on a variety of vehicles. 


Auction Locations


Click here for map & directions.