What services do you offer?

RoadOne San Diego provides a variety of services to people that have a need to either sell a vehicle, buy a vehicle, have a vehicle towed or or would like to dispose of a vehicle through a donation to a charitable orginization.

Can you sell a car for me on consignment?

Yes. RoadOne San Diego sells several hundred vehicles a week through our weekly auctions. Depending on the condition of the car it will be either sold to a dealer or to an individual.

Where in San Diego can you provide towing?

RoadOne San Diego provides towing services from 16 company owned locations throughout San Diego county so that we are conviently located to you now matter where you are. We have 75 trucks in a wide variety of configurations that allows to handle even the most difficult towing job. Making a single call to our state-of-the-art dispatching center will be all you need to do.

I have an old car I want to donate to charity, can you handle that?

RoadOne San Diego facilitate the donation of vehicles to a variety of charitable organizations in San Diego. We can either arrange for pick-up through one of them or arrange to pick it up directly through us.

Auction Locations


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